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i tried to itall it now 4 times and i always cant use utf-8.
öäü dosent work and the news ends at the point where the first (öäü) appears.
only in comments it is working???

i also had a look in the german language file. there also they use other letters for this (öäü)
they use their ö for generate ö ??

also all files are saved in ANSI ???
why this works here?
i read about many people got problems with this but i did not found any solution?

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    hi thx for answer.

    it cant be a problem of the german language file.

    like you see the letter Öö eaven works in this (engl) version.

    äüß (this are the other 3 relevant letters) guess they work also,

    its just an utf8 problem.

    1 : so why this works here and not if i install it?

    when i write on of this letter in my pligg the massage ends at the point where the letter was.

    2 : i tryed to fix now myself.

    it worked when i put some "dirty" force ut8 snippes into the files and convert the inpex php for example from anci to uft8.

    this is not the real solution but it works. but eaven now its is not very beautiful because facebook links dont work.. now facebook makes the öäü stuff in wrong way and the message on fb look terrible.

    so you could tell me why öäü works here on your side and not on my? what could i do wrong?

    i tryed to install it now 7 times.

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    thank you for the ammazing support.

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    I don't have any ideas for you as I have little experience with this side of Pligg. I run English only websites and have no problems with the language files.

    Support is by the user base for Pligg itself with the commercial module and Theme providers supporting their users as they see fit.

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