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For a regular sized image (2meg) I get timeout each time. It works great for small images i have resized. My problem is that i really doubt visitors will take the time to resize images, so i have 2 options and am looking for advice.

1) Stop the script timing out and make visitors wait a little longer while the image resizes server side. (how do i change this?

2) Do some client side resizing first, using something like plupload - my problem is that the upload module is very advanced, and im having trouble figuring out the best way to integrate this because of all the ajax its using.

Happy to pay anyone willing to attempt the second option!

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    There is nothing that can be done by anyone here. Your host has limited your upload size using php and you'll need to contact them to ask them if they will raise it..

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    I have a limit set at 12mb, I administer my own server for this site. It seems to be timing out because it takes too long to upload the image, maybe soemthing as simple as :


    would work. Secondly, if we can integrate plupload it splits the upload into sections to overcome this problem on other hosts. I will take the time to integrate the script and then upload the mod when i get some more time.

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