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I'm trying to run pligg on port 8080 instead of the standard port 80 but when I change the ports I'm unable to log in and get caught in a login loop.
The when I change Apache2 back to port 80 everything functions fine.
I have also tested this on Lighttpd and the same issue occours.
I have checked the settings and changed the base_url to 8080 when needed.
Can someone please provide some assistance.

Possible Answers

    I'm wondering if the problem is that the SQL Server is answering to port 80 and Pligg (Apache) is looking for the answer on :8080?

    That would possibly cause that but you posts wouldn't show up either.

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    Thinking further, SQL servers use a port to listen on but not sure which port they talk to. There's something here to look into but I'm not running any servers I can switch right now.

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