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In pligg CMS, when the multiple categories option is activated, we can see in the submit page something like the image attached.
I would like to change that view into something like this , i tried to do it, editing the submit_step_2_center.tpl , but it was not successful for me. Does anybody knows could i change it into that mode?

Thank you!

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    Yo al menos no entiendo lo que quieres hacer y lo del enlace..

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    I will try to explain.

    When we have Multiple Categories, we can select the different categories clicking into the checkbox (as shown in the pic i attached before).

    When there are a lot of categories, it becomes a mess because there are too many checkboxes. A solution would be to change the checkbox for multiple lists ( as they are when there is only one category, but allowing to add multiple lists), or as i wrote before, a solution would be allowing a typeahead input, so when you start writing ¨P¨, the word ¨Politics¨ shows up, and allowing to add a row for every category you want to add.

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    It is very interesting to see if anyone here could help you and all because of course, the list of categories almost fills the page. An ajax autocomplete? An cascade filter?.

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