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Is there a setting in the Pligg admin panel that allows posts to be published without needing to be switched to publish by admin? Not sure if I want to set this but if the forum gets busy then it means I could spend all my time reviewing and authorising posts.

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    Go to Admin Panel ---> Settings --> Voting

    Set 'Votes to publish' to 1

    Set 'Voting Method' to 1

    Set 'Negative votes to remove submission' to 0

    Go to Admin Panel ---> Settings --> Submit

    Set 'Auto vote' to True

    How it works.... Someone submits a story and on submission Auto Vote gives it its first vote. Since it has one vote and 'Votes to publish' is set to 1 the story should go to published immediately.

    And with that you've just moved Pligg from its intended purpose into a Public Blog of sorts.

    But Pligg is actually so much more than just a Blog. Why not just leave it as intended for a bit and see how much of a problem it is for you.

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    Follow the above illustration given by jhawkin. You can save ur time by doing that. But do not forget to update your spam trigger so that you do not need to waste your time on selecting spam links later as it will be getting posted automatically.

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    I'm scratching my head trying to figure out what Spam Trigger has to do with this unless you're thinking about keeping him from having to deal with 'moderated posts'. Did I forget something else???

    I'd actually think Spam Trigger and Akismet would be even more important with this setup.

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