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Dear Pligg Developers,

First great job on Pligg 2.0 and the new Pligg site. Thanks!!

Second, I am getting 'Story already in database!:' message with every story that I submit
on Pligg 2.0. . What could be causing this? I did click on clear cache button and try it.

Possible Answers

    Find the following lines in submit.php

    if($linkres->status != 'discard' && $linkres->status != 'draft') { // if link has already been submitted

    $main_smarty->assign('submit_error', 'hashistory');

    $main_smarty->assign('submit_error_history', $linkres->status);

    $error = true;


    Then comment them out so it looks like this.

    //if($linkres->status != 'discard' && $linkres->status != 'draft') { // if link has already been submitted

    //$main_smarty->assign('submit_error', 'hashistory');

    //$main_smarty->assign('submit_error_history', $linkres->status);

    //$error = true;


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    I ran into this issue. I was able to figure out a workaround by commenting out lines 580 - 584 in submit.php

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    I'm still having this issue.... Not to sure why but it's happening. When the user submits, it's showing the error, but when I go to the admin, I see the story awaiting moderation which is weird seeing I have mo module that can moderate submissions anyways... I can set the story to new and it works.

    Error Found:

    Blog Article already in database!:

    The reason ti' saying it is' submitting than checking, so yea it's in the database now but it wasn't... and it's awaiting moderation.

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    Possibly your sever doesn't support Fsocket open. Try disabling url validation in the settings > submit >

    Clear your cache and try submitting again.

    If that doesn't work then come back and provide some more details like Pligg version, was this a new installation or an upgrade, and the template you are using.

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