Pligg Support - Select Database not visualized Hello, I have an issue showing data from a database. I followed your tutorial about how to edit a module. I added some tables to the database, but nothing in the pligg database was changed. I know the select is correct. So, i edit sidebar_stats_settings.php: $members=$db->get_row($sql = 'SELECT * FROM Partidos WHERE Partidos.Nombre = "Partido Popular"'); $main_smarty->assign('sidebar_stats_members', $members); And then, in the sidebar_stats.tpl {$sidebar_stats_members} And this shows nothing, even the module title disappears. What is the issue? What is the proper way do a select and get different rows and visualize them in Samarty? Thank you for your time. Sun, 20 Oct 2013 16:15:53 UTC en