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hello i am recieving this error from rss importer
[23-Jul-2013 20:04:27 America/Chicago] PHP Warning: Table 'myfellow_church121.pligg__feeds' doesn't exist in /home/myfellow/public_html/libs/db.php on line 479

seems theres a missing feild in the database i have tried uninstalling it deleting it reuploading all filres and reactivating but still no database entry

Possible Answers

    Just a guess but it looks like the RSS importer may not be adding prefix changes other then the default. Something that would need looking into.

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    how to fix just like this !!

    [24-Jul-2013 21:19:26 Europe/Berlin] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function trigger_rss_error() in on line 238

    [24-Jul-2013 21:42:35 Europe/Berlin] PHP Fatal error: TPL: [in mystique/sort.tpl line 293]: syntax error: file '.tpl' does not exist in C:xampphtdocspliggclass.template.php on line 949

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    From looking at your error it seems as though you are using the mystique template which is several years out of date. You must be using a template that is compatible with the version of Pligg you are running.

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    This is similar to an issue that I am having.

    Not the same, but similar.

    Different cause, but same effect.

    There is something incorrect about /libs/db.php on line 479 evidently.



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