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After installation RSS Importer Module, i configured several rss informations by this and change value of "Feed Frequency (hours)" to 1.
Despite many of these sites are updated, but RSS Importer does not any updates.
I try to update rss feeds manually with clicking the "Import" under each rss informations, in this time show this error message: "Feed not fully setup, skipping".

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    If you can't run the import from the RSS admin setup page then you need to fix that first.

    You need to add three fields "Title, Link and content" after you name the RSS feed and supply the RSS URL.

    Once the feed works "by hand" you can setup cron through your hosting provider's control panel.

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    The RSS Importer requires that you set up a cron job (aka. crontab) on your server to run the import feature at regular intervals. The module itself is not capable of grabbing stories every X hours on its own. You will need to search Google for examples of how to set up a cron job, since every server differs slightly. You may also be able to find a free web service that can act as a cron job by navigating to the import.php file used by the module.

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