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To Yankidank and ChuckRost,

I have already submitted 2 fixes and recommendations to help Pliggers with some issues that arise when switching languages, specifically to Arabic. In those fixes I also submitted an accurate translation of lang_arabic for the Simple Messaging module, which can be used and also added to the new Pligg version. I might as well add that I still have a lot to contribute.

Is there a repository where I can also submit these additions, fixes, etc. for you to use what you deem useful for any updates to Pligg CMS?

Thank you!

Possible Answers

    Pligg uses Github as a repository. You can create account and submit a pull request with your changes.

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    What ^Chuckroast said. Github pull requests are the most efficient way for us to import code changes into the project. If you aren't proficient with Git, then feel free to link to for code examples or provide .zip folders containing any changed files which we can review.

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    I installed Git locally on my laptop and did the following:

    1-Forked Pligg-cms

    2- Cloned it to my laptop

    The question is how to go from here. If i change a file in the working directory, stage the change and commit then push.

    1-Will the push transfer the commit to pligg-cms or to my forked?

    2- Will the push sends all the files, changed and unchanged or only the one that was staged and committed?

    3- How do I know that you got the pushed commit?

    Please assist me on this so I can be more useful in sending you the changes that deemed beneficial and working.

    Thanks a million!

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    If you're not familiar with Git or SVN, then I suggest starting out with a GUI (graphical user interface) program to learn the basics of Git. Below are 2 different free software applications that you can use with Git, which should make it easier to pick up the lingo and processes. Both applications have text or video tutorials available online with a quick Google.

    If you're familiar with the command line (as a Linux user or server admin), then you may be okay with learning Git from scratch. You can do this by following tutorials like the ones I've listed below.

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    Thank you I will check them out!

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    I will check how to use github as it should be. I posted these on github too:

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