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I have renamed every option under Admin> languages to rename Groups to another name Hotspots.

However, although every other part of the site is now saying ''Hotspots'' the url button (which reads Hotspots) directs to


How can i change the URL to say http://www.mywebsite/hotspots.php ?

also on the ''Hotspots'' page (groups)
thr first line says groups.
where can I edit this, and rename it?

Possible Answers

    There is no simple way to completely rename the groups URL (at least not yet). You could try renaming the file from groups.php to hotspots.php and then customize all links pointing to the old groups.php page so that they direct to the new location. Simply renaming that one file though may not be enough, as other files may rely on it being named "groups.php".

    I am hoping to add some new options to Pligg down the road to allow users to better define their SEO URLs, so it may be possible in the future if you are using URL Method 2 (requiring htaccess rewrites).

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