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I have installed Social Kit Pro on to an AWS instance - After the installation I am unable to submit any story as it keeps stating "Incomplete text error". Further, I am unable to check settings of Social Kit Pro modules (acs/ fb comments) as after clicking settings it keeps taking me back to login screen where logging in doesn't do anything. I guess I am missing something basic here. Any ideas?

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    Your issues don't appear to be related to the Social Pro Kit. The website you linked to above is running and outdated old Pligg 1.x.x version of Pligg and the Social Pro Kit requires a minimum of Pligg 2.x.x which can be downloaded for free here.

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    Thanks a lot, Let me try that out.

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    Hi deepanshu

    Are you able to help me in telling me how you installed Pligg on AWS.. is there an instruction somewhere? I am just wondering how you installed the DB on your amazon list (btw, the link to your AWS instance is down :(.

    many thanks

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