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I have installed pligg to hostgator server like here
But I cannot access to my admin panel. when i try to enter admin I am being redirected to this address that not support. Please see the attachment. What can I do.? where is the problem? Help me anyone please I am new to Pligg.

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    I looked again. Do you have an htaccess file in the admin directory? Something is renaming the files there.

    If not you're gonna need to involve your host's support staff to help.

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    I have deleted htaccess file but yet problem is not solved

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    So, you upgraded to 2.0.x???

    Did you try killing htaccess like I suggested first?

    I really think there is a htaccess file problem or else Hostgator has their server configured to do what htaccess normally does which would cause your problem with the double 'www.' rename.

    The site itself is answering fine as Just can't get to the admin page until htaccess gets fixed or disabled.

    One more thing might be to check config for the URL. try deleting the www. off that!!!

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