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Is there any way I can make the Facebook Module post to a Group or Page?

As long as the user has permissions, it should be a problem, right?



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    Use this module: and then configure your Twitter account to post in your Facebook page.

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    Finally getting back to you.

    I am running into a lot of problems with the Twitter and auto tweet modules. Neither one of them posts to twitter from my experience.

    And oddly enough, I have to have the auto tweet module turned on for the clickable login feature from the Twitter module to work. Heh.....

    I might look into Chuck's new Facebook Sharer, though, I guess.... especially since the post to facebook feature in the module doesn't seem to be working too well. >.<

    Thanks, man!


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    That's a really interesting suggestion!!!

    I will check that out, and get back to you!



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    I'm using the old Facebook module/Pligg 1.2.2 and this is a built-in functionality. When a user submit a story, it has an option to post to Facebook.

    Don't know if the new version still work that way.

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    The story submits to the users wall, but I have yet to discover a field where I can enter my Group ID or Page ID.

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