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Hey guys,

can someone direct me where I can find some juicy tutorials on how to tweak pligg source code?
I need to add a little section with a link to stories.

Thank you


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    i really need some tutorial... please..for pligg 2.0

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    Tutorials do not exist, and the wiki on sourceforge is empty save for a few screenshots. Even Chuckroast replied in this thread without providing an answer to this or agenudibolaskkabet's question, which doesn't bode well for this community. As far as I can tell, there is really nothing beyond the installation instructions and the defunct forum, where many support requests had been ignored.

    I'm really hoping the developers start offering some halfway decent support with the Pligg core, especially since premium modules cost $$$.

    If I start seeing some support in this new forum, I will do my best to learn as much PHP as possible and contribute to the project in the form of documentation, support, and donating templates.

    Let's hope this thing picks up. Pligg really does have excellent potential, but for those of us who are not seasoned PHP devs, we are left frustrated and lost.

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    Sorry, I downvoted this twice to verify a bug :D

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    I know this comment is old, but I am wondering what bug, and how did the user downvote twice?!?! I cannot even vote on a comment once because I receive the error "you have already voted on this article", even though I haven't.

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    Good question. I do face the same problem.

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    There was no reason for you to down vote my genuine question. I believe you are not here to support. I have noticed you yelling every time.

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    hello im how to install heyou template in cpanel?? have video tutorial admin... yesterday i buy but i dont know how to install thanks

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    Hi! If you have any suggestions of tutorials please submit them here

    Thank you!

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    Voxxxlll shame on you for spamming the support forums. :-)

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