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Hello admin,

I've install Pligg release candidate (pligg-cms-2.0.0rc1) on my site ( is not working properly.

When I submit any link it goes off and shows no-where.

Can you please tell why or how can I fix this ?

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    I've just tested this on a dev install, it looks like a caching problem. The post still seems to appear and disappear randomly. It's still there in the backend but on the front end it's all over the place.

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    Sounds like another case of the Vote to Discard feature malfunctioning.

    You need to set that feature to value zero.

    If your stories are being discarded as soon as you create them then only functions which specifically articulate the ability to discard stories should be considered, and in my experience that feature was causing my problem.


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    From the Admin Panel, do you see the submissions on the Admin > Submissions page (/admin/admin_links.php)? They may be getting marked as discarded. If that is the case, it may be a Pligg bug since another user reported a similar problem:

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