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I didn't have any issue installing 1.2 however, I did a fresh install of 2.0 and on step 3 I entered my sql info which was successful and written to the dbconnect.php, but when it loaded step 4 page the page loads as a blank page? I can't input any other data after that and my sql database has 0 entries.

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    Try using the latest development version to see if it makes any difference:

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    I ran the troubleshooter and everything checks out. I had no issues with 1.2. I haven't tried reinstalling 1.2 then upgrading. I am guessing most people have upgraded rather than ran a fresh install. I have seen other posts with people with the same issue. Guess I will go back to 1.2 Thanks.

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    Haven't experienced this with the RC2 release.

    Try the /install/troubleshooter.php if your server met the requirements of Pligg.

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