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Hi, I have not made any changes to the standard template except cosmetic ones (changing Stories to Ideas). I have the Discard feature from Voting set to 0 but every time a story reaches -1 votes it is automatically put into Discarded rather than going negative and remaining visible for others. I've seen this as an issue before for submitting going straight to Discarded but I can't seem to find the solution or the Closed Issue that is mentioned. Can someone help me out? I'm running the latest version (just installed a day ago).

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    I'm looking at a 1.2.2 but, Is it 'Buries to Mark as Spam' or 'Discard feature' set in you're latest version? I'm not familiar with any 'discard feature' or settings.

    There's also the 'Votes to Publish' in the stories config. I imagine if you set that to 'O' then it might keep all stories published. If the count goes below threshold I'd think the story would go to 'New', 'unpublished', or Whatever you might call it..

    Are you really seeing them go to discard? Or is it unpublished?

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