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I have installed Plig as test for my site. Everything is workig fine except this error
When I click on any link for example Subit story page, group page or any other and then click on published story link, site is redirecting to

why two time www.www.??. This is not first time it is second time. Initially i installed in root folder and next time I installed it in a directory. Both have same redirecting on www.www with message on page the following page not found

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    Seems as though your settings are incorrect. Go to your admin panel and check "Location Installed". Then check your settings.php file.

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    Just a suggestion. I think the problem maybe in htaccess since I can get to admin via the directory but tack on a file name and it adds the second www. Look for a faulty "rewrite" line.

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    Thanks for your reply. I am giving here complete details

    Check this


    admin username- sajjan


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