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how to create a multilingual website?

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    From each user account's edit profile page, they can select from a dropdown list which available site language files they want to use. This list is generated based on what lang_NAME.conf files are available in the /languages directory.

    Updating the language setting from the profile area, or from the Pligg Admin panel, will not have any effect on the site's content, like usernames, tags, comments, or submission content.

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    Thanks for answer! But I need translate categories when user change language...

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    is that it?

    is that as deep as your question goes ?

    The language files are already container in Pligg. So all you have to do is let users choose the language they want. That choice can you give your users in the admin section / miscellaneous settings.

    If the language you need is not listed as a featured language, then you need to translate it all manually in the admin section

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