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i have a few modules used for versions before 2.0, and they work somewhat. However they override something leaving the dropdown function not working.

i was really hoping to use this module. So is there a chance to get it working?

Maybe i could send the pligg team the module and they could include support for it in a future update ?

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    Here are a couple tips that may end up fixing some older modules so that they will continue to work on Pligg 2.0.

    The first update is the location where we store the Smarty.class.php file. We moved this (and other files) to a new /internal directory. Search your module files for the text 'Smarty.class.php" and update the location so that it now includes the new directory. Here is a before an after example:

    Pligg 1.x.x


    Pligg 2.x.x


    Next we changed the highest user level from 'god' to 'admin'. Because of this, you will need to search the module files for the term 'god' and probably replace it with 'admin'. A common example of this is demonstrated below:

    Pligg 1.x.x

    $canIhaveAccess = $canIhaveAccess + checklevel('god');

    Pligg 2.x.x

    $canIhaveAccess = $canIhaveAccess + checklevel('admin');

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    i do believe that my problem is with jquery / javascript.

    Something of which i have no experience. i have tried to read up on it the past few days, but obtaining the amount of insight in javascript needed to troubleshot even a minor problem like this is not just something you do i think.

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    Without even knowing the name of the module in question it would be very difficult for anyone to help you out. I can only suggest contacting the developer or hiring a freelancer.

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    i thought about it. But decided against it as i cannot afford it.

    The developer has not responded in almost 6 months, so that possibility has also been exhausted sadly. if i delete the 5 .js javascript files, everything works as it should. That is how i pinpointed the problem. Crude, but it atleast directs me towards the issue.

    Out of the 5 .js files. All functions are pretty normal when deleting a jquery-min.js file.

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