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Running into a problem with the Modifying Language section in Pligg. Whenever I change any of the text, click save, and then reload my site, the text doesn't update.

When I go back to check, it's like I didn't edit anything.

Anyone else run into this problem? Is there a solution?

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    I'm facing a similar issue and it's very frustrating. I wish there was a non ajax option for saving the modifications to the language.

    A workaround is editing the language files directly, they're located at a path similar to : languages/lang_english.conf.default

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    Most likely both of you guys may have skipped the part in the instructions about setting the correct permissions to the language file. your changes are not being written because the file doesn't have the proper permissions.

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    I changed the permissions to 777 and it fixed the problem. Is it secure to keep the file's permission like that? It used to be rwxr-xr-x, but didn't work with those permissions.

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    Why wouldn't that permission be secure? Do you know something that everyone else doesn't?

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