Pligg Support - Legitimate users can disappear in Top Users list IMHO, the use of Karma as the criteria to list users in Top Users page is not that very effective. Using this support site for example and by default Karma configuration, if the admin wants to discard bug reports, the affected users might disappear in the Top Users list when the Karma become 0. In my real web-dev niche site, I don't allow submissions that just round-up web resources without real review (i.e. Top 10 CMS and just list the CMS without thorough review) - I just discard this type of submissions because it also came from legit users. With the current implementation of Top Users, it can only take 1 discard (-250) for a legit user to disappear which I don't like to happen. Though it can be avoided now by setting 0 Karma to Discard a story, I think it's better to add some criteria such as the number of stories submitted, # of comments, etc. Wed, 24 Jul 2013 21:47:04 EDT en