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From AdminPanel>Users and select filter as spammer and when i selected all and pressed the kill spam button and it shows the same users again they are not getting deleted from database.
What should i do,please try this your self before confirming its working.
A confirmation dialogue says "Are you sure you want to killspam these users" and when i press ok,nothing happens

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    I want to add on top of the other comments, that the Spam users and submissions are hidden from view by default. You won't see them on the front page or even in the admin panel, unless you specifically request to view them through one of the admin panel filters.

    But yes, like everyone else has already said there is no way to actually remove a user account from Pligg CMS without using some type of additional module to add the feature. We keep the spammer's data so that they don't come right back and try to do the exact same thing again. Their accounts are disabled though, so they can no longer log in or post any information to your site once they are labeled as a Spammer.

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    That's exactly right. You need the spam user there to recognize the user as a spammer and the additional info to help block the User himself and the email address used.

    There is a 'Zombie Killer' module that does remove inactive users if you need that.

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    There's no function to delete users.

    Kill Spam is to change the user level to Spammer and also change its contents to Spam.

    When you filter users by "Spammer", you are already in a page that display Spammer users, thus, the Kill Spam action won't do anything.

    Try to filter users by "Normal", check some users and click the Kill Spam link and you will see that those you have checked will moved to Spammer level.

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