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When the ACS plugin is installed it throws the front page completely out of order and delivers the following error:
"Could not open ./upload_pligg_lang_conf"

Searching turned up a result where someone had this problem previously and fixed it by just turning off ACS. I've changed the permissions for the appropriate files and I'm not really willing to just give up on ACS yet. Especially after having paid for it.

Possible Answers

    The ACS works on all templates that are 100% compatible with Pligg.. If you are getting CSS errors it's being caused by your custom template and not the module. Switch to the default template and you will see what I mean. You'll need to contact the template author for your layout issues. The language error you are getting means that you haven't installed the module correctly. Please go back and read the installation instructions again.

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    I had this problem and I figured out that you need to have the upload module installed.

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