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3 files have been edited.


### class.KMessaging_v1.2.3.php
replaced the word "read" with "readed" as that's what the database field is called.

### user_navigation.tpl
added a button to send a private message to the user's profile page.

### simple_messaging_main.php
changed the function name from GetMessege() to GetMessage() and you no longer need to be friends with a user to be able to send him a message.

Warning: apply these fixes at your own risk. Pligg's official team has not verified this yet.

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    Awesome! Thanks!


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    Thanks for your contribution. I've reviewed your code, made a few modifications to improve it, and published it to Github:

    You can get the new version of the module from the official download page:

    There are a few template modifications made to Bootstrap's user_navigation.tpl template file. Until we release 2.0.0 RC2, you may want to use this copy (or a newer developer version of the same file):

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    Thank you very much. We'll look them over and add them to the core.

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    The email notification "from" field is with the standard email address even though I changed the setting within the "modify language" module to my websites email address?

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    The previous comment states the same problem I have. 27 days without answer. That's some support there.

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    The `Delete Selected' button on Simple Messaging module is throwing an error for me after selecting a message and clicking on it. Anyone else, also getting this?


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