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I have attached an image but that doesn't show. Also if I enter wrong chaptcha the previous Description get blank. That's very bad. I am to write again. So boring. also there is no category here. and support is not satisfied. They should make a new phpbb forum. I think. Also There is no Pligg support team here. very sad.

Not only this If a question doesn't receive enough votes to make it to the homepage it risks being discarded over time. Opooooooos sad

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    Before install Pligg we must know if our hosting support this system. I was be problem with Strato and 1and1 but with Arvixe works so good.

    Anyway is good idea go to admin panel, modules and deactivate for example antispam module and try again (cleaning Template cache) if problem persist, deactivate Akismet, captcha, etc, one per one untill you know what module is the problem. Categories you must create in admin/admin_categories.php In the fact, Pligg coming with just one category: All and you´ll find a link with Add Category. You ask if have some problem. May be help you. Also, Im not a specialist, im a simple user like you with a little experience with Pligg.

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    There's several people here who offer help (support) as we can.

    Sometimes I have trouble understanding the question so I stand back and I don't normally answer complaints about what is actually free software.

    There's plenty of support for Pligg itself and if you follow the directions then the install is almost fool proof. The various vendors also offer support for their products. And you can often find several of us together in the official chat forum. I've been in there most all weekend.

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    What template are you using?

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