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How to resize or change width sidebar area in default template pligg 2.0

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    please see the instructions here

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    Very easy! Go to your CSS files and resize it. Use Mozilla web inspector to locate the lines. It's a basic CSS thing.

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    Not so easy. The CSS file for the Bootstrap template layout seems to not be hosted locally, rather served by the Bootstrap CDN at: This file is not editable from the Admin panel, not is it located in the Pligg install directory anywhere. I suspect that if one wanted to modify the template style, the php files that point to the CDN for styles would need to be edited to point to a localized and modified copy of that CSS file, and I'm not entirely sure how that is done using the Smarty Template Lite. I am not even sure if the Wiki guide "How To Design A Pligg Template" ( still applies to version Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

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