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Hi Support Team,

After I upload the Pligg CMS files to my server how to login to the admin panel and how can I get the logins?

ravi krishna

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    The Pligg Software requires PHP and MySQL. First create a new database will be used for the Pligg installation and assign a user with privileges to it. You can now initiate the installation itself by visiting the http://YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME/install/index.php in your web browser. Follow step show in browser.

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    After you upload the Pligg files to your server, you need to install it first :D There's a readme.html file in the Pligg files that details how to install Pligg.

    It's during the installation process where you add an Administrator account. After installation, follow sayog's answer.

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    Visit this link http://YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME/admin/admin_login.php and add the credentials you created during Installation of Pligg.


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