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hello there, I would like to move or delete the toolbar on my frontpage. I changed my site to only display the headline without content, but now a lot of space and aesthetic is gone. Is there an option to either move it (see picture) or delete this menu on the frontpage ?

here a picture :

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    Essentially you'll want to wrap all that into a conditional statement. This is what I would do. Open link_summary.tpl and around line 176 you'll see the beginning of the story footer.

    Create a new line and add the following.

    {if $pagename eq "story"}

    Then you'll want to go to the end of it.. Which should be line 229

    And add a new line after it with the following.


    Then clear your template cache from the pligg admin panel, and refresh the page.

    That should make it only show that line when someone is looking at a story page and not the summary pages.

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    thank you, it works perfectly, but now there is still a big gap between the posts. I would like to give it more the reddit look. Is that somehow possible ?

    very much appreciate your help

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