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I managed to move articles from 'new' to 'published' by modifying the 'votes' settings. However, I'd want to know is there a way to remove the 'new' section as all new posts are published automatically?

Also, I'd like to know if there is a method of receiving notifications by email, every time there is a new update made? Or I have to use RSS?

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    Try adding a meta redirect to the new_center.tpl file so that it redirects people to the homepage, and set the "votes to publish" value to 1.

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    If you're using the default template, just delete:

    < li {if $pagename eq "new"}class="active"{/if} >< a href="{$URL_new}" >{#PLIGG_Visual_Pligg_Queued#}< /a >< /li >

    in header.tpl

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    Ok, but once a user submits his article, he will be directed to the New Section right? Is there a way to direct him to the Home Section?

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    In submit.php, find:

    header("Location: " . getmyurl('new'));

    then replace it with:

    header("Location: " . getmyurl('index'));

    so that it will redirect to homepage.

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    ... and how do I show my visitors a personalized homepage rather than the default popular post.

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