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i thinks the important feature of sosial bookmarking is simple for submit link with embed video, foto , and description automaticlly. the video and foto is only embed not save on server. i thinks have that feature. but how to make its works

for the example you can see on

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    can i get auto content scraper for free . but i thinks the price is too expensive. how with the auto thumb pro module? is that the similar ?

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    Sorry but we are not able to provide everything for free. We have bills just like everyone else. Actually the Auto Content Scraper is $4.00 less then it was for the Pligg 1.x.x series. The Thumbnail Plus module has been discontinued because it's integrated with the Auto Content Scraper module and performs the same task.

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    thanks for info yankidank i have done as suggested the only files im interested in from previous purchases are any directly now used by pligg2 like content scrapper and anything else you may see that have been updated for pligg 2 i realize some are out of date.

    thanks m8 keep up the good work

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    i purchased autocontent scrapper among other modules will those be imported over to our purchased items for download/updates etc

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    Sorry, but we will not be providing transfers for previous orders from the old "Pligg Pro" shop. To make up for this, we are offering a number of our premium items for free during the first week of the new re-launch.

    Many of the items from Pligg 1 have been retired or significantly rewritten for Pligg 2. We decided to make the relaunch a cut-off point for older Pligg Pro purchases, since Pligg Pro was a Pligg 1.x.x and the new Downloads area is exclusively Pligg 2.

    If you have previously purchased an item from Pligg Pro, we will be glad to send you the final copies of any files that you have a license for. Just contact us ( with your former Pligg Pro account name, order numbers, or the email address that you used for Pligg Pro.

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    Pligg has this feature available.


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