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How do I send a private message? I installed "Simple Messaging" but I can't find the button to send a pm on the user's profile, even though we're both following each other.

Where is the button?

And why is it that when I visit a user's profile, it shows it as if it was my own profile. Saying that I HAVE x friends while in fact I'm on a friend's profile page not mine.

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    Currently the Simple Private Messaging module needs to be re-worked and updated for several bug fixes. We've disabled it from default installations as of a couple days ago until we have a chance to fix the module. There is a major issue with it not being able to send messages, presenting a database error message. Because of this error, I recommend disabling the module until we are able to update it.

    Typically you can find a button to send a message to a user from your follower/following list. You are only able to send a message to a mutual friend (a user who is following you, and you are also following them). The user list on those pages should have a send message button.

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    This is good to know!

    I was basing my support system around Private Messages, and ran into some problems recently.




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    Thank you. Looking forward for that update.

    If I hired a freelancer to do for me, is there anything I should inform him about before he gets crackin'?

    I know the module is in /modules/simple-messaging/ but is there anything specific that he should be aware of?

    I'm thinking of hiring a freelancer to do these fixes for me and then I'll release them here.

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    Thanks very much for offering to do that. We have a lot on our plate right now, so any contributions made by outside developers is very welcome.

    Your developer may need to modify some of the Bootstrap template files to correct any of the display issues with the send message link. The two Bootstrap template files that reference Simple Messaging module files are /templates/bootstrap/user_navigation.tpl and /templates/bootstrap/user_follow_center.tpl. Search those files for references to "simple_messaging".

    For the more important issue that causes a database error message when sending a message, that can probably be fixed by only modifying files in /modules/simple_messaging/.

    If the developer has a GitHub account they should clone the latest version available from our GitHub page ( and send a Pull Request ( when they want to contribute the final code back into the project. We will then review and approve the code so that it goes into the next Pligg CMS release as well as our GitHub development build.

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