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I am thinking to create 'Question and Answer' website using pligg backed. I want the same design as Pligg Support uses ( ). Actual widths, Very same Design. Can any one please suggest me please. Please also specify is there any template that can help me.

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    Hi sayog,

    I'm in the process of doing the same thing and have done the following so far:

    + Open up languageslang_english.conf - this contains all the tags that appear under boxes, page headers etc etc. Many of these are built round a site that collates links to stories from otehr sites. You will need to replace the word 'story' with 'submission' or something similar. What I've done is comment out the default line with // and then make a copy of my version of the line, then you can always go back :)

    + Under admin/settings/stories I've set 'Require a URL when Submitting' to false, 'Show the URL Input Box' to false, 'Validate URL' to false

    + Go into Admin/Manage/Catergories amd add in the catergories and sub-catergories that you want people to do their Q&A on.

    + I suggest to add a site rules catergory and set it to Admin only access, also for the News catergory

    You will also need to empty the cache directory for the lang_english.conf changes to take effect. I read somewhere there is a setting in admin to do this but haven't found it yet.

    The page contents are stored in the template files, use the template editor to edit the content. Work through the files making small changes and see what happens. If you have any experience of programming you shoudl be able to follow the lgicc and work out what is going on. index_centre.tpl is a good place to start. If you want to comment out a smarty tag with normal HTML comment tags then you will need to remove the curly brackets { } to see the effect - just leave yourself a comment to the effect so you can go back.

    That's as far as I have got - hope this helps - good luck


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    Thanks for the quickest reply as possible. Please suggest few more. Hope Yankdic and Chuck Roast will also add their valuable comments.

    1. + I suggest to add a site rules catergory and set it to Admin only access, also for the News category (HOW TO DO THIS)

    2. How can I show Category lists to the Right Sidebar (See yahoo answers) rather showing it at the top. With more category it looks odd if placed at the top.

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    1. Go to Admin/Catergories/Add Catergory - Set 'Required Level To Post' to Admin

    2. This will be via the style sheet for the site. Goto Admin/Templates/Template editor and open the css files, find the css tag associated with the element you are trying to change - use Firefox DOM Inspector or IE equivalent to identify the element and the relevant css tag for the part of the page you are interested in - and amend it.

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    Hi sayog, For my Q&A site I wanted a front page briefly describing the site purpose and overview to always be the diaplyed page when people landed on the site - if you want to do this see my posting on front page content and the answer I worked out.

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    Got a little problem in the site which i am testing. At first it was working well but certainly something went wrong. When I open the setting in profile tab it over laps ans something like this shows up.

    (A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.)

    Unresponsive script:


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    Not sure what template they used to start but I'm figuring this is a very custom theme as most themes should be after several months of use. The mechanism to do Q and A is here already built into Pligg via the story submission comment system.

    There is a FAQ module also available but that leans more to a static previously asked questions and answers format.

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