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I am interested in auto thumb module for Pligg 2.0. I want that provided link would generate thumb image. I would like to know if auto content scrapper does that. As I saw examples, I see that it generates whole site view, not the main picture. For example I would like that link would generate thumb of that main picture, not the whole site view....

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    You can generate thumb images using the included Upload module that comes with Pligg by default.

    The Auto Content Scraper module is not intended or designed to do what you are asking. It's made for rich content from media sites that are using the oEmbed protocol and embedly.

    The reason why it will not grab any image from any site is simply legality. It's illegal to take content from someones site unless they give you permission or provide some kind of functionality to support it.

    The Auto Content Scraper is not a tool to commit copyright violations. The catalog page has a link on it which displays exactly which media sites it supports. If a service is not listed, it means it's not supported.

    the Auto Content Scraper won't display the submitted domain thumbnail if a user has opted to upload his own image using Pligg's upload module.

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