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Hi Everyone,
I want to hide storycontent from Home and category index but when visitor click on discussion then story-content should be there. How can I do that I tried but then story-content is hidden from everywhere.

Please help, thanks for assistance

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    Set your "Votes To Publish" to a very high number, let's say 10000. This way, all your stories will not become Published and will only remains in the New page. Then make the New page as the Discussion page.

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    Thanks for replying OxyThemes, I just want to hide the story-content but title should be like normal, i want to built something like

    I tried .story-content{display:none;} then story-content become hidden from everywhere.

    i want to hide from the home page.


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    In link_summary.tpl, find:

    < div class="storycontent" >

    then replace with:

    < div class="storycontent{if $pagename neq "story"} storycontent-summary{/if}" >

    In your CSS, add:

    .storycontent-summary { display:none; }

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    < div class="storycontent{if $pagename neq "story"} storycontent-summary{/if}" >

    didn't work for me. :(

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    It's a wrong code actually, intended to be wrong so that it will show here in the comment. If I write the correct code, it won't show here. The mistake is it has a space before and after the < and > .

    The correct code should be this one:

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    @OxyThemes thanks for your assistance,

    open and closing of detail on below website, is feature possible on pligg?

    Please forgive me if its a stupid Question, i have very limited knowledge about coding.

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    Yes, it's very possible.

    First, do the modification I posted above.

    Then, above the:

    < div class="storycontent{if $pagename neq "story"} storycontent-summary{/if}" >

    add again:

    < span class="showDetails">Details< /span>

    Next, add this in your pligg.tpl:


    $(function() {

    $(".showDetails").click(function() {





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    Hi Oxythemes, i have done but nothing is happening, it's only showing details. but nothing is happening. i have removed the space between < span>

    can you please help

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    I get it now, the jQuery part should have enclosed in a < script> tag bug it was not displayed here.

    Anyway, I posted the whole code you need to have in order to have that functionality. The whole code including the little CSS is on JSFiddle. The code you need to copy are on the HTML, JavaScript and CSS pane, do not copy the output on the bottom-left pane at JSFiddle. Here's the code:

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    Thanks you very much oxythemes, it worked. I really appreciate your help.

    you've been good.

    can i buy you a beer?

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    Post your code in JSFiddle, code formatting here is really not good.

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    Hi,this the link

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    I replied earlier with the link to the whole code, see my post above for notes, and heres' the final code:

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    by save it as index.html then is it going to update automatically when there is a new published new? is it not possible to remove some code in link_summary.tpl

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    No. But if you want an index other than Pligg's index.php file that's where I'd go.

    I'm sure you could modify the tpl file to do this as there are 'hooks' all over Pligg to allow you to do most anything. If you want to go that route I'd create a second template file.... modify the first for use with the main page and use the second for the underlying pages.

    There's no way I have the time to figure this out for you but I hope this will steer you toward the answer you need.

    BTW: I did the index.html file during development of to handle the weird redirect I needed (due to the technical need for WordPress to be in root for that site) with Pligg actually being the front end of the site.

    One of these days I'm going to document some of the stuff I've done..... maybe a book!

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    Sounds like you want an index page so load your main page into a html editor and remove what you don't want. Save it as index.html and upload it. That's how I did it when I needed a page like that.

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