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In my install of Pligg 2.0 the pop-up box is not appearing for the Agree to Term module. This was working fine on Pligg 2.0 RC1. Can someone offer any suggestion on how to resolve this? Thanks in advance.

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    Well I'm looking at the init file for it now, and it doesn't use normal module hooks. Usually those are the parts in the template files that might say checkactions_pligg_tpl_header_start. This uses whats called checkvars that are basically the same thing as template hooks but the are in the root php files. I'll see if I can't find a few minutes to go through that module this weekend and make it looks for both a checkvars and a checkaction.

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    Could be a template issue. What template are you using?

    I only suggest this because the registration file hasn't been changed in almost a year. October 12th of last year specifically.

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    I just downloaded and installed the latest module on to Pligg 2.0 and can confirm that it fails to load the terms & conditions page.

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    I am using Bootstrap as the template. I think it may have something to do with the updated Bootstrap to the new 3.0 release

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