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I have been giving the moderators some extra access and taking some away, but I cant see where to add access to the Submissions page - can anyone advise where to do this please?

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    I agree with Sam. Have an upvote from me.

    I've personally done a lot of testing with the "moderator" class. I do understand that it's essentially new but it's also essentially worthless. I'll give you an example.

    Moderator can "Killspam" a user. Delete all comments, All stories, All submissions. With one click.

    Yet he can't delete "one" story, or "one" comment, or "one" submission.

    It's "all or nothing" The so called moderator, has almost no moderating power. He's is more like a death bringer.

    In a perfect world the admin would be able to assign a user as a moderator, and provide him with certain privileges.

    Maybe from a list of check boxes. .

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    I'll take your suggestion into consideration as a future update. Right now the moderator system is rather basic and could be improved pretty easily. I was hoping to put it off work related to this until we have a chance to expand user levels and allow for custom permissions.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Yankidank, Im quite happy moving through the system at the moment giving access etc, but if you could just tell me where the security levels are held for the submissions page I'd be able to change the last page that I need moderators to have access too. Its a good piece of functionality as it is, thanks :)

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