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How can I fix Pligg so that my front page is always displayed and not the published articles/questions submitted by users?


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    I think I've worked out how to do this. In index_center.tpl I changed

    { if !$link_summary_output && $pagename == 'index' && count($templatelite.get) == 0 } - near the top of the page to

    {if $pagename == 'index' && count($templatelite.get) == 0}

    and near the bottom changed







    seems to do what I wanted - so far so good


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    I too wanted the same thing to happen. Testing......

    .....but when someone enters the home address it is suppose to open the Home by default which shows as given below.

    Welcome to Pligg CMS!

    It looks like you've just set up a new Pligg website. Now would be a good time to submit your first article and then publish it to the homepage.

    Cant this section be edited for the same.

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    Open up index_center.tpl using the template editor and you will find the "Welcome to Pligg CMS!" text about 10 or so lines into the tempalte after

    {* Welcome message for new installations *}

    Delete the text, not the above tag, and replace it with what you want - text and HTML


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