Pligg Support - FIX: Twitter Module (Sending & Submitted buttons) This is a Fix I discovered and applied successfully. Hi, I noticed that the "Tweet this" feature in the Twitter Module showing the "Tweet Sending..." and "Tweet Submitted" images. I kept getting broken image errors. So I went into the "sendtweet.php" file and found the line at the bottom where it links the images, and noticed that the directory was missing ".". It was "./modules/twitter/templates/images/tweet_submitted.gif" Instead of: "../modules/twitter/templates/images/tweet_submitted.gif" The same thing was an issue in the templates folder in the "twitter_js.tpl" file. Set at: "./modules/twitter/templates/images/tweet_sending.gif" Instead of: "../modules/twitter/templates/images/tweet_sending.gif" Sorry if that was confusing, but if you followed me, and applied the fix, then it should work for you now, as it does for me. Not a huge deal, but I figure whenever there are broken images it just makes the site seem more janky and unprofessional, so it's good to get things looking as clean as possible. Blessings! Ivan Mon, 09 Sep 2013 10:16:16 EDT en