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The most popular Pligg CMS module is back and better then ever! I do have few questions before I go ahead and buy it.

1. Auto Content Scraper automatically scrapes 'story description and favicon' along with images from any site. Is it possible to disable this 'story description and favicon' function? I think having 'two story descriptions' for each story doesn't make sense.

2. When this module is enabled is it possible to submit stories without links (Editorial submissions)? If so, will there be an option to upload image using this module/Upload module?

3. Does embedding Youtube videos require Embedly API Key? What if I want to use this module only for video submissions?

It will be really great if someone can help me with these questions.


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    in response to point 1, very few users are going to enter their own description of their story when there is a summary already in the description box. When this happens there is now a duplication of the summary in scraped story description.

    Also duplicating the favicon on the story title line and in the scraped contact is distracting as well.

    Finally that colored bar along the left side of the scraped content is great except for when it clashes with the rest of the colors on the site.

    I'm not saying that these items should be removed but couldn't we have the option to deactivate some of these options?

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    You are absolutely right! And the most important thing is - it messes up the design of the entire site. Having 'two story descriptions' for each story will confuse readers, and also it doesn't make sense at all. I will be really happy if Chuckroast modifies this module and give us an option to deactivate these options.

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    Wrong comment (finding bug)

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    1. People are supposed to write their own story submission content. The Auto Content Scraper only pulls in a brief summary of the content on the submitted link. You are allowed to modify the module however you like but I can not provide customization assistance.

    2. When someone submits an editorial there would obviously be no external content for it to scrape, so it doesn't display anything. If you have the upload option enabled the people can upload their own content like videos, music, or images.

    3. Yes grab the free embedly api key and enter it through the module settings page.

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    Wrong comment (checking)

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    There will be more features added but I doubt that I will remove the main feature of the module. It's supposed to scrape the content. That's the entire idea of it. As I've already stated people are supposed to write their own story descriptions and articles however I know you can't force your users to do that even though on submit step 1 it tells them to submit original content.

    It doesn't screw up the layout of the site. Nobody has ever been able to show me an example of this. Please be more specific. The module adjust to your layout. There are even sites using it in 250px wide blocks and it looks fine.

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    It will be really nice if you add more features and allow us to disable these two functions (story description and favicon).

    My opinion: It doesn't screw up the site, but it makes the site looks messy with 'duplicate story descriptions and favicons'. We want our site to look simple and clean like Digg, Newswhip, reddit, or snapzu (dotcom). I don't know how they do it but these two Pligg sites (pifeed (dotcom( and younews (.in) use a module which automatically scrapes images only.

    BTW will it be possible for you to get a separate module for videos and sell it here? I would definitely buy it. It's sad that the previous Video Plus module doesn't work anymore.

    Waiting for a new module from you on your chuckroast site.


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