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When registering a new user using the facebook module, I get an infinite redirect error. It contacts my facebook app correct, I can login to facebook in the popup dialog, authorise information retrieval and sharing etc, but when I submit it just bounces back and forth between facebook and fb.php.

I've created the app correct in facebook, and i've installed the facebook module (fb) in pligg and configured correctly with the keys.

site url:

Please could you help me solve this issue?

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    You will find your facebook app settings in the facebook app centre are incorrect which is why its happening

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    Can anyone please help with this..>

    I am expierencing the same problem with this 20$ purchase !

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    I would suggest contacting the module developer for support. I've personally never experienced that problem. I do see that you are using a subdomain. It may have something to do with how the server is set up to handle those.

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    In my case I am not using a subdomain but still have the same problem...

    The Api key and secret key have been filled in correctly from FB-App settings...

    What is the return URL that I need to fill out please...

    Cause if I put there

    Or />
    It ends in the loop.

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