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Hi i have just install fresh copy of Pligg on my site , i just test submit a story and when i click on submit there is an error no story show its blank page how can i fix this ? please le me know thanks

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    i have not install any module Yet its buy default module which come with install , i laso send my data to pligg support but no reply from them i think its a error in 2.0 , because i read my threads about this error need to fix via pligg developers

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    It seems like I have a very similiar problem. I have read your questions and answers carefully, did my research but i still haven't found a way to fix this problem.

    I have just installed my Pligg page.

    Both as an admin of my page and as an user I have tried to submit a new post to the page. All went smoothly but the posts are not visible on the page. 'New' and 'Published' pages are blank, if i try to post a submission to a group, it isn't visible either.

    Let me give you the details of what have I done:

    1. I installed Pligg on the server ( hosting)

    2. I have not installed any modules, the only ones active are default ones: 'Admin modify language' , 'Captcha', 'Simple private messaging', 'Sidebar stories', 'Sidebar Comments', 'Karma module', 'Upload'.

    3. I tried to clear the captcha and clicked the 'Reset user's selected categories to All' in the Settings.

    4. 'votes to publish' are set to 1 (and the submissions have more votes than that), 'Days to publish' set to 5, 'Negative votes to remove submission' set to 0.

    The stories are still not visible and it seems like I am stuck.

    Can you guys help me? I would appreciate it so, so much...

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    Could you check the error log in admin or open it from \logs\error.log and see what kind of errors are logged that could help us better understand what is happening?

    Also, have you checked the status of the stories in the links table to make sure they are not still 'discard'?

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    Thank you for your reply redwine!

    My error log is empty, no errors and all the submissions are either New or Published...

    Have you guys have any idea what the problem might be? Please help.

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    From what you mentioned, I understand that your site was installed previously and had submissions and votes:

    "4. 'votes to publish' are set to 1 (and the submissions have more votes than that)..."

    a link to your site would be appreciated to maybe try to walk through the process.

    The question is, after you installed a fresh copy recently, did you end up resetting the chmod as requested and made sure the cache is cleared? Furthermore, if your site was previously installed and working, you must have populated the database from the backup of the old one.

    As ChukRoast said in his answer, it is very difficult to pinpoint a problem if we cannot reproduce it so we rely on as much information we can get:

    1- Are any of the other pages or data displaying on your site?

    2- Is the categories table correct?

    3- The cache folder was cleared?

    4- Permissions are set as recommended?

    5- Url Method used?

    6- htaccess?

    7- Have you copied and replaced any of the files or folders?

    Please give us all you can!

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    Edit: Made a mistake while commenting.

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    This is most likely being caused by a module conflict. Go through each module and disable them one by one till you find out which one is malfunctioning.

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    This is the problem I am facing right now. All new stories going straight to Discarded. After submitting stories it shows blank page. I have tried disabling all the modules but still it doesn't work. I have seen many people having this same problem. It will be great if someone can fix this. Thanks.

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    Everyone always hates me for saying this but "Help us help you" Just saying you have an issue only comes across as a complaint and not an actual request for help.

    The "a lot of people" you are referring to is less than 0.0001% of the people using Pligg. With that statistic we've found that most of these people either failed to divulge the correct status of their site. Said they disabled all modules when several were running. Or just flat out were confused by how Pligg worked.

    Now I'm not saying you fall into any of those 3 categories. But just replying with a "Me to" almost pushes you into it.

    SuperTramp I know you've been with Pligg for while. I'm not trying to insult you or make an example out of you. We just need you to provide us with more details.

    If none of the developers can recreate something, it might as well not be existent

    Please provide us the steps exactly to reproduce your issue. This includes your server environment.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of people in this thread were using the same host. I've seen some terrible hosts that advertise pligg compatibility.

    That doesn't make it a bug, it makes it an incompatible with 1 host out of hundreds of thousands. Sure it probably should be listed somewhere on the pligg site but unfortunately the people asking for support only say "me to" and the hosts only want signups.

    So it goes back to the old "Help us help you"

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    Hi ChuckRoast, thanks for your reply. This is probably one of the longest replies in Pligg history LOL...Sorry, I didn't mean to complain. I am not a developer but I am all here, everyday to help Pligg community. You won't believe but I visit Pligg like 10-15 times a day to help someone if I can. I just love upvoting new interesting questions and answers. BTW I have a feeling that this 'SUBMIT ERROR' thing has to do with hosting problem. I will try doing fresh 'installation' again. If it doesn't work I will get back to this community for help. You guys did a wonderful job in giving us the stable version of Pligg 2.00. Thanks.

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