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Hey, I tried to post this in the bugs section, but GitHub wasn't loading for me.

In submit.php, line 3 didn't have /internal/ so I added it and everything seemed to be working, but when I went to load up a draft, the contents of the draft were empty!

So the draft isn't a draft at all! Hahaha....

aka, drafts won't save, and there's some missing elements in submit.php



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    The blame actually falls on the Bootstrap template used by Pligg CMS. The Save Drafts module is actually performing as it should, but the Bootstrap template is not loading the saved content into the main content field when you bring up a saved article. This Bootstrap issue is also related to a problem where if you fail to fill in a required field and go back to fill it in, the story description will appear empty. In both these cases, there is data saved in Pligg's database for that field, but it isn't getting inserted into the template. This is a bug that I hope to resolve in a future Pligg CMS update.

    I've added a warning to the Save Drafts product page ( so that users will be aware of this bug.

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    If Pligg LLC is going to facilitate the sale of third party modules, and take a commission, then they also need to be aware of bugs with the products. Officially. Not just in the chaos of this support panel, where things get ignored or overlooked.

    If not, then the company doesn't need to be selling bugged and untested products.

    If so, then the company should allow for semi-support through official reports, at least.

    Otherwise, there should be a separate section for third party modules, and Pligg LLC shouldn't be charging per sale, but per vendor license, because of the conflict of interest.

    Also, the Draft module is still broken, and Yankidank and I have already had a discussion about it. It's a problem with core pligg stuff.


    Thanks for the feedback, Chuck! I will do what I can to post in here when necessary, such as in this case.

    Keep me posted on your module projects! Thanks! :D


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    I believe that this was fixed yesterday. I'll wait and let Yankidank close this ticket. In the future please don't post in the Pligg bug report area on github for issues that you might experience with a 3rd party modules. This here is the correct place unless you were given other instructions by the developer. The github should only be used for bug reports pertaining to files that are actually listed and served from there.

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