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I purchased the skins package last night and have yet to be able to download them. Is there a way to gain access to those skins?

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    Yes I have seen that page and there is no link to the files to download. I have used the contact link you gave me thank you sir.

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    We have resolved this user's issue via our private helpdesk, but I will be leaving this post published to the front page, since the question is a common one that some people may share.

    In this user's instance, we had a special issue with one of our products not being assigned a download. This prevented the download from showing up on their account page.

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    You should see a list of available downloads on the Account page: The order receipt page seems to currently lack a download link or information at this time, but we hope to rectify that soon.

    Orders are also listed on the Account page. You can check your order status and if it is marked as "completed", then you should see the download on the Account page. You may also want to try clicking on the order number, which will bring up the order information. This page should have a download next to each item if the payment has been completed and the order is in good standing.

    If you would prefer to handle this privately, send us an email ( with your order number and email address so that we can look up your order and resolve any issues.

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