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i am importing stories from rss import module but this stories not get published until i manually review and publish them

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    i ahve 3 pligg websites

    one them importing publishing to front page without changing anything

    other two websites which are using old database pligg 1.0 waiting for admin moderation also i upgraded my database

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    Yeah, but did you double check all the config settings and the RSS setup relating to 'votes' itself? I think the problem is there.

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    I had considered that myself but decided that any RSS Feed should be considered trust worthy as the webmaster there should have done what he could to insure good content on his site which then would appear in his feeds to me..... So far I've only had to deal with two or three RSS stories myself.

    Also, I thought the 'Number of votes to publish' in the config was the only place to change the published/unpublished with no moderation there. Did you set votes to zero? Minus Zero maybe?? I'm asking for my own edification.

    Anyway, all my RSS goes to published right now by setting the votes number in RSS equal to or above the threshold to publish. You can send them to upcoming if you want your users to vote on them by reducing the votes and how you get them to moderated has me wondering......

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