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I'm basing my company off of pligg. It's a awesome software, and I'm willing to learn its code-how it works.

My question. I need to create to Custom Users (selectable on registration)

Specal User Group 1- lets call it Rainbow

Special User Group 2-lets call it Glasses.

On register, people will be asked which account they wish to choose.
Rainbow will be able to create groups, post stories, and post in groups.

Glasses will NOT be able to create groups or post stories, but can vote and post comments.

How can I create these special usergroups? They should be selectable in Admin>Users.

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    I should point out first that what you want would probably be done around 'user levels'. Pligg uses user levels to determine basic permissions for the 4 default user groups: 'Admin', 'Moderator', 'Normal', and 'Spammer'. The Admin role can do everything, include changing site configuration values. The Moderator class should be limited to managing content (users, stories, groups, comments). Normal users are your everyday Joe, able to submit stories, comments, and groups. Finally Spammers are those who have been banned from the site for submitting spam content.

    Unfortunately Pligg's user level system isn't quite set up to work how you imagine out of the box. In fact, you would need to do a bit of coding to create new user levels and then set special permissions for each of your features. This is a feature that I would love to add to Pligg CMS, but it would take a considerable amount of development to make it happen. As they say, "time is money", which is why this non-essential feature hasn't yet made its way to Pligg CMS.

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    Have you found how to create custom users/

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    hi there! thanks for your speedy response- I especially appreciate the information about user levels. In reguard to your paragraph

    I have a (hopefully) simpler question.

    How could I lock members to create new groups. but not delete?

    in other words when the everyday joe creates a new group, They lose the ability to Delete it from the site. No other functions would be affected, I'm only trying to lock the Removal function for created groups.

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