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When I enter the site, it shows "Could not open templates/./modules/captcha/lang.conf", but I can still login to admin area, and after my login the front page can be show properly

Please help!

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    I also got this error when I enabled the 'Math Question' Captcha after my upgrade. I switched to 'reCaptcha' and the error is not occurring for this Captcha.

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    Where did that '/./' come from in that file name? Looks wrong? some error in htaccess maybe?

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    1. What Pligg version are you using?

    2. Was this a new install, or an upgrade from a previous Pligg version?

    3. Please tell us a series of steps that we would need to take to reproduce the issue.

    4. Check that the /modules/captcha/lang.conf file exists, and try setting the CHMOD permissions for it to 777.

    5. Is your site using the english language file?

    6. Can you uninstall the CAPTCHA module from the Admin > Modules > Uninstalled page?

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    Hi, Yankidank

    1. I deleted the version 1.2, and replaced by fresh installed 2.0 RC2

    2. I am using a self-translated Chinese language file, with the name lang_chinese_traditional.conf. I tried to use default English file instead, but the issue still there.

    3. When I installed the site, I was using English language, and changed to Traditional Chinese after completed the translation. I updated the language in admin panel, the site shows Chinese. But when I tried to log out, the message of "could not open......" appears.

    3. the lang.conf was of permissions 666, but after changing to 777 still not working.

    4. When uninstalling the CAPTCHA module, it works fine


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    I'm not certain what is causing the error for you, but I am going to guess that the fact that you are installed in a non-English language may have something to do with it.

    Try copying the file /modules/captcha/lang.conf and renaming it to /modules/captcha/lang_chinese_simplified.conf.

    If that doesn't work, you may also want to try copying the file from /modules/captcha/lang.conf to /templates/bootstrap/modules/captcha/lang.conf.

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    I tried copying the file /modules/captcha/lang.conf and renaming it to /modules/captcha/lang_chinese_simplified.conf. but not working

    But I cannot found the path "/templates/bootstrap/modules/captcha/lang.conf."

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