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Can i add category's in bulk
i need to add all the categories to make an perfect website listing directory on

can any one help me with it...

thanks ;)

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    I think you can but I suspect it might be just as much hard work. If you have phpmyadmin on your server then you can look at the structure of the MySQL database that powers your Pligg website. There is a table called pligg_categories, which holds all the details of the catergories that make up your website. If you create an excel file with one line entry (row) for each of your catergories and a column equivalent to each of the fields (columns) in the table, populate it with the relevant data, save the file as a csv file - hint don't include any commas in your catergory titles - then you can import the file into your pligg database using the import command. You should be able to work out some of the field contents fairly easy; for example the catergory_parent field by looking at the field contents for the records you already have. The are 2 fields; rgt and lft, which I think are to do with the sort order of the catergories in a dropdown menu list. I haven't worked out how these 2 fields work yet. You could try importing with these blank and see what happens then if the import doesn't work, just go back into phpmyadmin and delete the records (rows). If you haven't used phpMyAdmin before don't be put off by what you see, look at it logically and you will see the structure there. I'm guessing you've already customised some of the pligg code to get your site to the point where it currently is. You will just have to get your hands dirty.

    Good luck


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