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I just upgraded my site from Pligg 1.2 to 2.1 and it works. The only problem I have is that I can't find 'installed and uinstalled modules' in my Admin Panel. It shows blank under the tabs. I have uploaded all the modules correctly using FTP but they are not showing in admin panel. It will be really great if someone can help me out. Thanks.

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    A long time ago i was a similar problem. Try editing /admin/admin_config.php and change $canIhaveAccess + checklevel('god'); for "admin".

    I think that's may be, try anyway.

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    Hi Pedro, I tried but unfortunately it didn't work. I did one thing. I accessed my database server using phMyAdmin and deleted all the old modules. And now all the new modules I uploaded through FTP are showing up in my admin panel, but I can't install them. For widgets it works fine. One thing that I don't understand here - All the modules I uploaded are there in my server (FTP), but not in database server (phMyAdmin). I guess these Module files (codes) are not able to connect to the database server. It will be really great if you can give some ideas on this. Thanks.

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    Looks like your problem is file uploading by FTP to your server. I use Filezilla.

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    I can upload widgets and install it using FTP. Everything works fine except modules. I can't install modules from 'uninstalled' tab in admin panel. Any ideas?

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